Our Church today

I see the Disciples of Jesus Christ in our church generation today. Matthew 14- 13-21 Tells us the story Jesus Christ, Disciples and all those followers of Christ. Evening came and the Disciples want to send people away so they can buy their own food. How many of us claimed to be Christ’s disciples and when our fellow believers are in need, we send them away. I see the attitude, characters of Jesus Disciples in churches today. Jesus disciples were with Him from the beginning of Jesus Ministry. They have heard Jesus teach about love. They have heard Jesus say to the young rich man to sell all his positions and give it to the poor/needy, and come and follow Me. The disciples of Jesus were able to write the Gospel of Jesus Christ, just like us today.

This is the situation of churches today. People come to the church for whatever reason they may have just like the great multitude.

Some are in financial crisis, some is in need of whatever it is they needed and instead of helping him or her, we send them away. We who claim to be Christians/ Christ Disciples we send them away, we don’t want to share to them of what we have.

Many of us have heard the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Love God and love your neighbors yet we never learned how to love our neighbors.

Right now as I am writing this, my heart is grieved because the church of GOD is in false proclamation of being filled with GOD’ Spirit, God’s Glory while some are even losing their hope because we refuse to truly obey the teaching of Christ “TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS”. How sad it is, that the only help we can give to our fellow man is prayer, laying of hand, and some Scripture for them to claim it and meditate it. How sad it is that, we never even bother to pretend that we are concern about them. How sad that we talk about Love in the church, in the prayer meeting, Bible studies or even conferences, yet refuse to give some help for those who are in need. How sad that we claim ourselves Spirit filled yet without Love.

The Bible say; you can move the mountain, but if you don’t have love it is all nothing. You can heal the sick or even raise the dead, but without Love it is nothing.

The Disciples of Jesus Christ have two fishes and five loaves, they can give them all to any children or at least share a piece of it to others, but instead they wish to send people away. We have things we can share to others, yet we refuse to do so and the sad thing about this , is we confess even in a song we sang every Sunday, we love you GOD. There are people who are financially crisis, yet Churches Leaders must have their own salary first. What happened to “freely you received, freely you will give?” In the Bible, offerings are collected for the poor and oppress, not for the Disciples. I pray to God that we will come into our right mind to come back to the true teaching of the Gospel: LOVE


Jesus said;





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