Three Options given to David

Three Options Given to David

There are some Bible characters I love and admire. One of the is King David. He is not just musician boy who sing to God. He is not only courageous but he is also smart guy.

2 Samuel 24: David admit that he have sin against God that make God really angry, that cost the angels to strike down some Israelites. Then God spoke to David through Gad the Prophet. God gave David three option for consequences of his sin.

1. Seven years of famine all over the land.

2. Three months running away {flee} from your enemies. ( this means also captivity}.

3. Three days pestilence {sicknesses}.

If you were David which one will you choose from the three options? I can’t imagine what kind of sicknesses nor how terrible the famine will be, and how hard it is to live without any peace in mind.

I don’t think that you will sleep well if you know your enemies are around running after you.

I mean I live in ground floor. All my neighbors have experience the burglary that every night even when we are already sleeping, once I hear some noise I get in bed and check it out. This is happened at least for four to six months. Once the thief know that we’re always home at night, then they don’t try to break in to steal. Any way I know how hard it is to live without peace in mind. Then I have also experience to be sick and in one day sick in bed I already begging God for help and healing. Then famine is one of the hardest thing I think really hard to face. Have you ever experience fasting for several days without any water and any food? Imagine seven years of famine. This is not advisable to choose. Which one of those three will you choose?

King David, he did not choose any of those three options given to him. He instead seek and choose God’s mercy which David himself believed and have sang it thousand times how merciful God is.

This is what it means Knowing God. Knowing who He is. This is the problem of many churches today.

Many knows about God and who God is, but not knowing God. I believe that if the churches today will know who God is really, then the churches will be filled with God’s love. Then we will be able to die of ourselves and live our life for other’s sakes. If we truly know God then we will not accept and we will not believed that it is God’s will for us to be sick or to suffer for any kind and will not believe that we are suffering because of what we have done wrong from the past. Though we have already repented thousand times. Remember this people if there is anyone tell you that if you want to be forgiven the you need to fast, don’t eat anything nor drink but a cup of water a day. Don’t believed that because God’s mercy through Christ given to us not because we fasted but because that who God is. Instead of fasting from food and drinks, fast from sins.

Don’t believe anyone who will tell you, if you want to be forgiven from your sin then you need to offer some amount for the good of poor people. No! You can be forgiven by repentance. Christ have done it all for us. Jesus Christ said; It is done. Then remember this also, God does not forgive sin in process. He is quick to forgive.

Now back to 2 Samuel 24: The petition of David for the Mercy of God was granted. He does not need to flee from his enemies, he does not need see his nation suffer from famine or any pestilence.

That is who God is. Merciful.

Right now, you might feel guilty of any sin from the past. You might have something going on in your mind thinking and believing that you are suffering from whatever it is you are suffering, thinking this has something to do with what you have done from your past, seek God’s mercy. He is faithful and more than you know He is willing to cleanse you from all those guilt of sins. Jesus Christ said to those who repent and ask Him for help, “I am willing, be healed, be clean”.

Hope that we all learn something today.

Meditate: God does not forgive sin in process. God is quick to forgive.

God bless and keep the faith till we see our Lord Jesus Christ face to face in His glory.

M.R. Delacruz

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