How to keep the faith?

Keep the Faith

We hear this a lot, keep the faith. There are lots of people struggling with keeping their faith specially during the hard time. The Bible tell us that Jesus did not come to give peace but wars. He did not come to make the whole world beautiful again but to die on the cross so anyone who will believed will be save through His death and resurrection. This means that problems and all kind of troubles will be on our midst. Jesus have spoken that Mother and daughters will have arguments and fights. Son to his father. Mother in law to his son in law. Nation will be against nation. Tribulations, pain, suffering we will face them all, but the most important is that we keep our faith till the end of time. Now by the grace our Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit, all we need to do is ask God to help us keep our faith and we need to be obedient. Fred Smith said; that our faith is nourished by Scriptural promises. The Bible is filled with God’s promises and reading all those help us to keep our faith.  

If we renew our mind everyday. How did Apostle Paul able to encourage all those fellow Christians to keep their faith and how did he over come all those hardship. He said, I press forward for what is ahead. Apostle Paul made a goal and is to see God face to face. Apostle Paul was so devoted to fulfill his goal, for his dream to come true to see Jesus Christ in His glory. Suffering is only for a moment, but the one Apostle Paul is pressing forward to is what is forever glory with God.

To strengthen our faith we need to keep reading God’s promises. In spite of what is going on with your life, keep reading till you come to believe in God’s word, in every promises God made. Every time you face hardship remind yourself like David reminded himself who God is. How faithful God is. This is how we can keep our faith.

1. Renewing our mind daily by reading the Bible till we come to believe in every single word God have spoken.

2. We need to exhort ourselves, reminding ourselves of what we read from the word of God.

3. We need to deny our self, we need to die from all those earthly ambitions and flesh dreams.

4. We need to look through the eyes of Christ. “ Like Fred Smith also said: faith gives us night vision goggles“. This mean you might be in the darkest hour ,but you can see things clear and walk in right direction because you have this night vision goggle.

5. We will be able to keep our faith no matter what, once we focus on what is above there and not what is down here.

God bless! If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask and will help you answer your question by the grace of the Almighty God.








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