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Marian’s Quotations
I believed that God’s nature is not based on who we are and what we do. GOD blesses us because that who He is. Marian R. dela Cruz
When I think of God, I see His love. Marian R. dela Cruz
Our sins are forgiven and forgotten once we repent, who are we to remember them again. Marian R. dela Cruz
Worship is based on an individual hearts attitude toward God. Marian dela Cruz
There is no magical power on the cross, but the Love of Christ for us. Marian R. dela Cruz
The more you love God is the more you will love your spouse. Marian R. dela Cruz
Someone asked me, why do I love my husband? My answer is I don’t know, I just love him. Just like Christ.
There is no reason for Him to love me and yet He loves me.

Marian R. dela Cruz

I believed that when Christ said I will prosper you, does not mean He will make you a millionaire, o
r else He will not say to the rich man, sell all your possessions and give it to the poor and follow me. Marian R. dela Cruz
Correcting, rebuking is different than Judgment and condemning. Marian R. dela Cruz
I believed true religion is to help the fatherless, the poor, the widows and the oppress. Marian R. dela Cruz
I don’t send money to my family and I don’t send them what they request it is because I don’t want them become lazy. Marian R. dela Cruz
To renew our mind and to purify our heart is not to dream of any richness of this world which is only for temporary. Marian R. dela Cruz
Jesus did not say; follow your heart, He said; follow Me. Marian R. dela Cruz
Grace is given to us not to sin again and again, but so we can abide in Christ. Marian R. dela Cruz
I don’t pay tithes because I am free from the Law given to Moses. I give offering as another way of my responds to what the Lord has done for me. Jeff/Marian dela Cruz
I don’t know any Preacher who is rich but Jesus Christ. He alone give us everything He has. Marian dela Cruz
We can imitate Christ, bet we can never be like Him, because He is the only Christ who died and rose again and is exalted seated in the right hand of God. Marian R. dela Cruz
I have learn from the junkies and from the prostitutes, if you have fellowship with them you come to understand how it feel to love like Christ. Marian R. dela Cruz
My mother taught me not to talk to the strangers, this I don’t keep. I talk to the strangers and even wanted to be friend with them it’s all because of Christ. Marian R. dela Cruz
Whenever people oppress me and say bad things about me, I remind myself of what happened to Jesus Christ, this helps me to pray blessings for them. Marian dela Cruz
My favorites scripture from the Bible; for I have heard the cry out of My people, and have seen their misery, I know their sorrow. Therefore I have come down to deliver them out of their oppressors. { Exodus 3:7-8} Then In John 19: 30 It is done.

Marian dela Cruz

There is no family nor friends for a selfish person. Marian dela Cruz
To me; God is my Father, Friend and my Lord. Marian dela Cruz
The death of Jesus Christ on the cross, for me it is personal. Marian dela cruz
I can trust people, but I put my confidence in God alone. Marian dela cruz
I don’t believed in people who say, once I become millionaire, I will help the poor.
If you really have the heart to help them, why wait for you to become millionaire. Marian dela Cruz
I know some people and have seen some, the more you earn money is the more you become greedy. Marian dela Cruz
Most prayer I ask God is to give me His heart. Marian dela Cruz
What I wish for people is that they will give themselves a chance to get to know God. Marian dela Cruz
I act like a child before God specially when I am in pain. Marian dela Cruz
Since God knows the heart and our mind, I just tell Him what I really feel.
Marian dela Cruz
When hard situation is right before me, the more I hold on unto God’s word. Marian dela Cruz
My husband and I both believed that freely we receive, freely we should give. Marian dela Cruz





















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