* What is worship?

* Worship is an act of response for what God has done for the redeemed.

* Worship is recognizing who He is and who I am in Christ.

* Worship is the natural response of my heart to the right relationship with Him {The Lord} and with myself and with others.


What qualities do we find in Worship?

* Quiet creates an atmosphere of reverence.

 I did not know how noisy the world till I been to a very quiet place.

 There is no sound of cars, talking people, no music, etc.

The Bible say; Be silent in the presence of the Lord. {Zech. 2:13}

The world even the churches of God is forgetting this; to be silent before the Lord.

Have you ever seen in the presence of Judge. I notice this on television, people were whispering to each other, but the minute the judge enter the room every body stop talking. They pay respect to the judge. The qualities of worship is not how beautiful the sound of songs we sing and play, but the quality of worship is about calming your soul. The bible say that before we say to God what we need , He know it already.

Quietness create such an atmosphere of reverence to God that quiet our souls.

We come to the church with so many burden. Burden from our children who don’t listen. Burden from our works, from school and even burden from our home itself or our own relationship with our family. We come to the church hoping the cross which is upon our shoulders will be gone, but instead the cross which upon our shoulders become bigger or shall say heavier than when we came. This kind of things are happening in many churches today. Not only to the Pastors and Leaders but to everyone. And we wonder why? It is because churches become like the world to much of noises. I am not against too much music. I ma not talking about that. I am talking about the quality of worship. Worship creates an atmosphere of reverence to God that calm our souls.

* In worship we position ourselves in relation to God. Worship is recognizing who God is and who we are in Christ Jesus. Our Lord Jesus says; I do not call you servant, but friend. This is who we are to God. Because of sin we were enemy of God but through Jesus Christ we become friend with God again. He restore that relationship that was broken because of disobedience. We all know that true friend is together in bad times and in good times. True friends are those who will tell you honestly who you are and willing to help you change. We were all sinners, when Christ came into our life and make friend with us. He help change our character, attitude by telling us what is wrong and what is right through His word “ BIBLE”. What He knows He make it known to us. He does not keep secret. What does it mean? TRUST. There is tin ice between “Trust and Confidence”. Friend is not being shy to each other some how, but being honest, and open to each other. True friend is not being afraid to each other that well she might be mad at me if I tell her that what she have done is ungodly. Friend means you have trust to each other, just Christ have trust us even with His own NAME. I remember I have a friend that was involve in homo sexual relationship. I spoke to them and told them that I am a friend and I would like to tell you that what you been doing is ungodly. After I spoke them I give them some time to do what is right and when they choose to live an ungodly life, then I spoke to them a second time concerning of the matter. I told them that I am a friend, and the Lord Jesus trusted me His Name that is why I am called Christian { means Christ like}. We are always together and the thing is people will think that I approve this evil things you guys are doing. Some even thought that I am one of you guys. So I told them that since you guys don’t want to stop this relationship “homosexual relationship” then I would like to say this in front of your own face, I am a Christian and the Lord trusted me to carry this name. You are love by God but you have chosen to live the ungodly life, so I don’t want to have anything to do with you guys any more, unless you say that you will change your lifestyle.

* In worship I evaluate ourselves – ultimately

. It is becoming habit to evaluate myself. Looking back week before to check if there is something I did that might not be good as Christian. Then in worship I repent and ask God to help me make the decision not to do the same mistake I’ve done. In doing this, changes are taking place in my life.

* In worship we lose ourselves to God.

Losing ourselves to God is a sign of full confidence and trust in Him. I have notice about people. All those sad memories we have. All those painful experiences, we say to God Lord I forgive those people that hurt me, I give them in your hand. Heal me and change me. Now God take it into His hand, and once God have it, we want it back. We’re taking back from God and that is why there are many people don’t get heal from their fast. Forgiveness mean letting go.

This include forgiving yourself.


The Inner Calm

Matthew 11:28-29 is clearly said; Come to Me and I will give you rest. Give Me your burden and I will give you My burden which is easy and light.

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