Prayer & Faith

Today, I would like to share about what’s in my heart. We will still continue about the encouragement next time.

                                                                      Prayer & Faith

Let us talk about prayer and faith today! In this lesson we will discover the importance of prayer and faith.

Faith in Greek word is Pistis/ Pis- tis means persuasion, conviction, the truthfulness of God, the truth itself, Assurance, fidelity, believe, belief.

Prayer in the other hand is actually faith claiming. Taking hold of God’s power .

Faith is the foundation of every believer in this world. It is the essential quality in the heart of every man who desire to communicate with our God.

In the book of Gospel, Jesus our Lord mentioned about faith, in fact He mention faith so many times.

Pistis / Faith = assurance that we have what we ask for in prayer. According to Mark 11: 24 Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believed that ye received them, and ye shall have them.

Jesus have shown Simon Peter and to His disciples of how important to have faith.

Luke 22: 31-32 Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desire to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I prayed for thee, that thy FAITH fail not: and when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren.

The devil desired Peter, but the Lord had more of Peter’s faith guarded.

Jesus Christ have shown everyone of us of how important it is to have the FAITH.

There are so many people Jesus healed; One of them is the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years.

After the woman touch the garment of Jesus, she was healed. Then Jesus turn to her and say; woman your FAITH has healed you. { Matthew 9:22} Two blind man come after Jesus shouting, Lord Son of David, have mercy on us. Jesus ask them the question : Believe ye that I am able to do this? Then two blind man said Yes Lord! Jesus touch their eyes and said: According to your FAITH be it unto you { Mt. 9: 27-29}.

The sinful woman ran to Jesus and wash Jesus feet with her tears and wipe it with her hair. Then Anointed Jesus with ointment. Luke 7: 48 -50 Thy sins are forgiven / Thy FAITH hath saved thee; go in


Jesus asked a question that I think we need to answer it within ourselves. The question is found in Luke 18:8… When the Son of man cometh, shall He find FAITH on the earth? { when Jesus come into our life, can He find FAITH in you and in me?}.

Do we have faith in God? Do we believe in Christ Jesus? Do we believe in His word which is everlasting?

Jesus alone can judge how big and how small our FAITH is. There is no one else who can judge our FAITH but Him. The disciples of Jesus was casting the demon out of a boy, which they were not able to do. The father of the boy came to Jesus and told Jesus of how His disciples tried to cast the demon out, but the demon was stubborn that they could not cast it out. So Jesus healed the boy instead. Now the disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t cast the demon out. Jesus said because you have small FAITH.

Jesus walked on water, Peter ask Jesus to let him walk on water too, as soon as Peter doubted he started to drown, Jesus stretch forth His hand and caught him, and said to Peter O thou of little FAITH, wherefore didst thou doubt? { see in Matthew 14: 22-31}

The woman who’s child was suffering from demon possession, begged Jesus to help her daughter. Jesus told the gentile woman: It is not right to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs.

Verse 27 – the woman said; True Lord; yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their Masters’ table. Then Jesus said; O woman great is thou FAITH. Be it unto thee even as thou wilt.

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