Talking about Encouragement




          I know how to be discourage and I know how to be encourage. we are all familiar with those words. Through all my life I’m mostly discouraged specially by people I love.
          Doctors and Lawyers, including Pastors can discourage you by giving you hopeless words. Situations we may face might be discouraging, but one thing I know, hope does not disappoint anyone for God have poured out His love upon by giving us His Holy Spirit {see in Romans 5:5} Whenever people around us discourages us, I have learned to encourage myself by believing the word of God has been promised to us even the time begun. Resently my husband received a letter that can discourage both of us.
          After reading the letter, battle started within my heart and mind. I thought to myself, I will not let anyone discourage me and I will not believed in a word those people say, because I know God has promised Jeff and I that He will fulfill whatever He has promised and those promises has been confirm by people we never met before.
           God spoke to us in a dream and in  visions and thorugh people. Jeff and I were encouraged to remeber the word written in the Bible. How Joshua experience the Glory of the Lord. He commanded the moon and the sun to stand still and we are both blessed to remember and have a great understanding and faith in the Lord that there is "NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVED IN HIM".
            The Promised of the Lord has been made yes and amen through Christ Jesus our Lord. There is nothing we can do about it except to believe.
Whenever negative report comes to me or to my husband Jeff, we both learned and continue learning to listen and believed in what God has spoken that He is faithful to bring it into fulfillment in our lives.
            I remember Jeff and my friend Nely and I were having a friday night prayer known as {Harp & bowl} freestyle worship. The Lord have given us the promisedof whatever we wish that night He will grant us. My friend Nely ask for her husband to come over to Holland. The Lord said to her consider it is done. The following week she arrange the documents of her husband to come over . For three times the husband’s request for visa was rejected. My friend called me after a few months, disappointed and was really down. She told me that her husband just called her and told her he did not get the visa. She start telling me about what happen that friday night prayer may be not from God. I told her I don’t anything about that doubt the only thing I know is the Lord said "Consider it is done that is what I believed so it is done my friend". After that day we spoke, the next day she called me again and said, after I call you, my husband called me that night and told her that the Netherland Embassy called him to get his visa. The same man that rejected his request for visa called that day and told Nely’s husband that he got his visa.
            That is our GOD. Always remember this people {readers} God has promised us salvation, and God fulfilled that promised while we were sinners and unbelivers of God. God fulfill His promises according to His own faithfulness and not according to our faithfulness.  There are so much more promises God has made and we will continue to see that later on. {To be continued}…
Feel free to post any comment or questions.
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