Encouragement Part 2

Encouragement: Part 2

Where are you Lord ? The question we ask God when we are in hard situations. It is easy to feel all alone when things are tough.

We are all familiar of the story of Moses and How God delivered Israel from their oppressor . When God revealed Himself to Moses through the burning bush, God said to Moses

Indeed I have heard the cry of my people and have seen their misery”.

Remember that we have the God who is the same yesterday, today and forever more. The God who can hear before is the God who hears you today. The God who can see your sufferings is able to help you out of whatever situation you are in.

I can share you another experience we have encountered. We were walking in Amsterdam City when the Lord spoke to me and told me to talk to the guy that was sitting in the corner of the busy road. We approached the guy, shook his hand and I ask him how he is? He honestly said, he’s not doing so well. I told him that we actually did not notice you until the Lord spoke to me and told me to talk to you. I ask him if he believed in God? He started to share his experience. This is what he told us:

From his tender age he started using drugs, and he’s been cast out from his family. He does not have any contact with his family more than seven years long. All he knew is that they moved to Spain and he does not know where . Just this morning he was shouting to God and throwing broken bottles and cursed God. He told God that I know you exist but that was before that is why we have air and trees, but not anymore. You might be dead? If you exist, then send me some body who will talk to me about you God. Send someone today. Then after a while I came here in the city still thinking.

I told him about the existence of our God and His grace found in Christ Jesus our Lord. He accepted Jesus Christ to be his Lord from that day on. Then he told us that he want to have a new life. He want to go home with his family but he does not know how and can his family accept him again after all what he has done. Can his family forgive him?

Jeff took his hand said we can pray to God about that. He agreed and we prayed. We ask for an open door for this family to be united and to have a heart full of love that is able to accept him as the Lord accepts everyone of us. He was emotional. Then Jeff told him to expect miracles from the Lord. He smiled and hug Jeff and me and our friend who was with us. Then he said that he believed God can do the miracle. He told us also about the money he owed from the bank and it was quiet a lot. Then we told him that the Lord will take care of that.

Jeff ask if there’s any way we can contact with him. He gave the phone number of his friend. Two weeks later, Jeff called him, we bought a Spanish Bible for him, he was so happy that very moment. He said that he’s just been praying to God to let Jeff call him now because he is already in the train station going home to his family. We are all excited. He told us the miracle happened after we met and prayed together in the middle of the busy street in Amsterdam. This is his miracle:

He said. “The day we were praying is the time his sister from Spain felt something that she really need to come to Holland and look for her him“. She just felt that she can find him in Amsterdam. Which she did.

He told us also that her sister paid all the money he owed from the Bank and even agreement that she will help him get better. She said that their parents are also waiting for him at home.

Then He said to Jeff that I promise that I will never forget this miracle God did in my life and that in Spain I will even go to the church and when I am better I will also serve God. Through the phone Jeff prayed for him and blessed him. By the way the name of this guy is Carlo.

Miracles is not only from old times and for this man Carlo, but for everyone of us. No matter what situation you are in right now, God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and beyond what we can think or imagine.

We have the God who is the SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER MORE. Do not lose hope. After you read this and you still don’t believe in God’s power, one thing I can tell you:

God blesses everyone by His own faithfulness, love and grace and not by our own faithfulness. You may not believed in miracles but He is still the God of miracles.

God bless you even more! { to be continued}…

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